May 31, 2014

Featured Beer: Review of Southern Tier ‘Goat Boy’

Southern Tier is a craft beer brand I find myself liking more and more with each new beer that I try. Just as a brief aside, their 2XMAS seasonal Christmas-time brew is to die for. Okay, that’s a bit hyperbolic, but trust me, if you like a good spicy beer to keep you warm during the holidays, all I can say is 2XMAS is the best holiday brew I’ve tried so far. And I was completely bummed I was only able to snag one six-pack last holiday season.

But let’s get back to the focus of this review, Goat Boy. And no, we aren’t talking about this Goat Boy…

Although every time I hear the name Goat Boy, Jim Breuer’s zany character always comes to mind.

No, today we are talking about Goat Boy by Southern Tier Brewing Company, an east coast brewery based in Lakewood, New York. Goat Boy is an Imperial Weizenbock, available seasonally in the springtime. Unfortunately my review is a little late in the season, so you might not be able to enjoy this fine beer until next spring. I bought two of the last three 22 ounce bottles at my local Wegmans last week.


I first discovered Goat Boy on tap at Tony’s Place in Ivyland, PA about a month ago, and I was instantly hooked. Goat Boy pours a dirty ruby-red color, and builds a lofty head of foam that sticks around for long time and produces a sedimentary style of lacing down the glass as you polish off this tasty craft brew. The aroma is fruity, the taste is both fruity and complex with hints of caramel, banana, and the right balance of maltiness, and it only becomes more complex and fruity as you savor the aftertaste. This is definitely not a hoppy beer. Carbonation is fairly minimal, and so it’s an overall very smooth beer, and it’s quite easy to consume it fast. And with 7.5% ABV, Goat Boy is far from the strongest craft brew, but given how delicious it is, it’s not too hard to get a buzz going. And considering Goat Boy is only available in 22 ounce bottles, unless you have a friend over to share, you will be drinking all 22 ounces, trust me.

Goat Boy is one seasonal brew that I’m sorry is not available year round. In fact, it is one of the most enjoyable beers I’ve tried so far.


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