Raving Roo  was founded in 2013 as the wobbly boot of technology blogs, where useful tech tips and fun beer reviews combine for a rip snorter good time. Our focus is on providing Information Technology answers and solutions in simple “How To” articles. Other topics include photography, music, pop culture, and yes, featured craft beer reviews.

The mission is to advance a dialog of contrary and unique perspectives to challenge the common wisdom of everyday topics, while offering information, tips, advice and insights that readers fancy.

So sit back with your favorite craft brew, because the Roo is Raving.


  • dks-portrait

    David K. Sutton

    David K. Sutton — Founder and Primary Contributor — With over two decades experience in Information Technology including: Active Directory, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp and Netscaler, SQL Server, VMware vSphere and vCenter, NetApp SAN, Cisco routers, switches and firewalls.

  • Steve Schuler — Contributor
    • Steve also runs RainingForks Tech Blog, providing “nifty little nuggets of info about how to do things” from a “lifelong professional Computer Guy.”


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