January 6, 2016

How To Edit Google Chrome Custom Spell Check Dictionary

So, you’ve accidentally added a misspelled word to Google Chrome’s custom dictionary, how do you remove it?

On Windows, Linux, ChromeOS

1. Click the Customize Google Chrome button on the right side of the Chrome toolbar.


2. Click on Settings.

3. Click the Language and input settings button.

4. Click the Edit custom dictionary link.

Instead of steps 1-4, you can get to the custom dictionary directly by browsing to:

5. Find the misspelled word in the list, hover the mouse pointer over it, click the X on the far right to remove.


On Mac OS X

Google Chrome uses the built-in spell checker on Mac OS X.

Here are a few resources for modifying the LocalDictionary file on Mac OS X:

Quick Tip: Bulk Add Words to Your Mac’s Spell Check Dictionary

How Do I Edit Or Remove Words From The User Dictionary In OS X Lion?

Unlearn Spellings on OS X

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