January 4, 2016

Easily Find Out What Netflix Movies Are Going Away

Photo by Jason Tester Guerrilla Future via Flickr

Photo by Jason Tester Guerrilla Future via Flickr

Movies and TV shows are always coming and going on Netflix. On Netflix’s website, if you browse to the Details page of the show or movie, you can find out its availability date. However, that is extremely tedious! There is a quick way to see the availability date of all shows in your “My List” but first you must change a setting. By default, My List sorts based on “Netflix Suggests” which means titles that Netflix thinks you will like rise to the top. With this sorting method, only thumbnail images are displayed. But, to easily see the availability date, you need your My List set to “Manual Ordering” which shows more detail in a list format. Here’s how to do that.

1. Login to the Netflix website and hover the mouse over your name in the top right corner. When the menu is revealed, click Your Account.

2. In the My Profile section, click Order in My List.

3. Choose Manual Ordering and click Save.

4. Now hover the mouse over the Browse menu (to the right of the Netflix logo) and click My List.

5. You should now see all movies and TV shows that you’ve added to your My List and any items that have expiration dates will have “Available until xx/xx/xx” on the rightmost column.


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