December 31, 2015

How To: Transparent Terminal Window In Mac OS X

Two days ago, I showed you how to make a Windows 10 command prompt window transparent. Now I’ll show you how to make the Terminal window transparent in Mac OS X.

1. Open Terminal.

2. Click Preferences in the Terminal menu.

3. Click Profiles.


4. Click the + button on the bottom left to create a new profile (you can also edit an existing profile). I’ve called my new profile “Dark Transparent”. For this profile, I’m going to use a black background with white text, but you can choose whatever colors you want.

5. In the Text tab, in the Background section at the top, click the button next to Color & Effects.

6. With a new profile, the default background color is white. Move the slider under the color wheel all the way to the right to set the background to black.


7. To make the background transparent, move the Opacity slider to the left to set your desired level of transparency. I’ve chosen 60%. If you want text underneath the transparent background to be legible, make sure to set Blur to 0%. Close the Colors window.

8. To make this profile the default, click the Default button (located in the same area as the + button).

9. Close the Preferences window and then close the Terminal window.

10. Open Terminal, and you should now see your new transparent profile in effect.


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