May 18, 2013

Featured Beer: Review of Lagunitas – Maximus IPA Ale

Pour Yourself a Grog.

Today’s featured beer is another West Coast brew, Lagunitas Maximus IPA Ale. When a regular IPA (India Pale Ale) just isn’t enough, Maximus IPA is sure to satisfy. It goes for $13 a six-pack at my local Wegmans Food Market, which is starting to become a common price among the tastiest craft beers I frequent. Definitely not cheap, but if you’re an IPA fan like me, and you like a somewhat bitter (but a good bitter), clean-drinking beer, Maximus IPA is one to try. It’s a great citrusy summer beer that will definitely sneak up on you with 8.2% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Lagunitas Maximus IPA - photo by Yue Tian

California based Lagunitas Brewing Company started out in 1993 with an understanding that beer “has always been a good lubricant for social intercourse.” The company offers eight year-round beers and nine seasonal brews. Maximus IPA Ale is described as “kinda like our IPA on steroids,” with “flavor so hoppy it threatens to remove the enamel from one’s teeth.” And with that warning I’m sitting here writing this review, nearing the end of a fine six-pack, drinking my second Maximus of the evening.

A key part of any IPA is the hops. Some people don’t like hoppy beer, and if that’s you, Maximus IPA is probably not your style. If you like a strong citrus component in your brew, almost grapefruit-like, then you will likely enjoy Maximus. It pours a medium amber color with a good head that is slow to dissipate. While there is no special characteristic that sets Maximus apart from other strong IPAs, it’s a clean drinking beer, strong on the hops, with a desirable amount of bitterness for a beer of this type.

photo by Yue Tian

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