February 3, 2013

WordPress UserOnline Plugin: Dashboard Issue After 2.8.1 Update

The WordPress UserOnline Plugin is a useful way to see how many guests and search engine bots are currently viewing/scanning your content. But do you see this in the “Right Now” section of your WordPress Dashboard,


when you should instead see something closer to this?

Users: [YourUserName], 18 Guests, 7 Bots

This problem goes back well over a year now (maybe two?), but for those who have lived with this problem and never bothered to search for a solution (until now that is), I present to you the easiest fix you will ever find. The issue is that they originally spelled “separator” with an “e” after the “p” and then later corrected it, but to update your blog, you need to manually perform these easy steps.

  1. In the WordPress Dashboard browse to Settings | UserOnline
  2. Click all of the “Restore Default Template” buttons
  3. Click “Save Changes”
  4. Commence face palm for not doing this sooner. 🙂

WordPress Pencil and Pins - photo by Christopher Ross

That’s it! Hopefully you didn’t injure yourself.

/ photo by Christopher Ross

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