January 1, 2016

Auto Update Copyright Year In Website Footer

Every year I have to go through my various WordPress blogs and update the copyright year in the footer. For example, Raving Roo started in 2013, so I display the copyright as “2013 – current year”. Well, why do something manually when a piece of code can do it for you?

Simply replace the text for the current year with the code below. You can choose PHP or JavaScript.¬†Note, PHP will get the current year from the server, while JavaScript will get the current year from the local device. Obviously we hope both are in agreement. ūüôā But,¬†the slightly higher possibility of an enduser computer having the wrong year is why I chose to use the PHP method on my websites.

Photo by txmx 2 via Flickr

Photo by txmx 2 via Flickr


<?php echo date("Y"); ?>


document.write(new Date().getFullYear());

Happy New Year!

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