December 29, 2015

Finally, Apple Brings Mute and Pin Tabs To Safari

safari-icon-osxMy browser of choice is Google Chrome. I like the cross-platform uniformity since I work on both Windows and Mac. However, Chrome is not exactly known to be miserly when it comes to battery consumption. So, a while back I experimented with using Safari instead of Chrome on my MacBook Air, and it did seem I got a little extra running time due to Safari’s better optimization. And Safari also was faster rendering pages compared to Chrome. But, I eventually switched back to Chrome for the aforementioned platform independence, but also because of one little feature that Safari did not have, the ability to pin tabs. I keep six tabs pinned in Chrome for my work email and various personal email accounts, Facebook, and Weather Underground. I like that these pinned tabs are always there, even if I close and re-launch Chrome.

Well, now with Mac OS X El Capitan, Apple has introduced pinned tabs in Safari. Simply two-finger-tap a browser tab using the touchpad and choose “Pin Tab” just as you would in Chrome.


But wait, there’s more!

In Safari you can now mute tabs, just as you can in Chrome. To do this, simply click the speaker icon on the right side of the tab (only appears when the tab is actively playing audio).


I don’t know if I’ll start using Safari again, but its nice to know I no longer have to sacrifice functionality to do so.


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